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Custom Sizing & Color Instructions

How to customize Mother of The Bride Grey Pant Suit

Warm Tip: Measuring accurately is necessary to guarantee the fit of your selection if your size is way off the standard size chart shown below, please refer to above information and email us your exact measurements. Please follow the measurement instructions and measure yourself carefully!

1. Once you've completed the order, email getsupport@shopdrestiny.com and include the following information. Customer service will contact you within 1–3 days to confirm details and finalize your order.

2. Please copy and paste the below template into an email and have yourself measured for each of the points mentioned. (We recommend that you have a professional provide you with the measurements, however if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, please proceed).

1. Full Bust = ___ cm/inches.
2. Waistline = ___ cm/inches.
3. Hip Circumference = ___ cm/inches.
4. Height (from top of head to the floor without your shoes) =___ cm/inches.
5. Height of Heel (The shoes you're going to wear on the day you wear this dress) =___ cm/inches.
6. Height from Shoulder to Floor (without your shoes) =___ cm/inches.
7. Dress color: White or Ivory or Other? (Please use the color chart located in the images on the product page and provide us the number or location on the card.)

8.Shoulder to Shoulder =___ cm/inches.

9. The date the dress will be worn?

(If you have any other special requirements, please do not hesitate to let us know! We cannot guarantee these requests).

Standard Size Guide

How To Customize Mother of The Bride Pant Suit
How to Customize Mother of The Bride Pant Suit



Warm Tip: Measuring accurately is necessary to guarantee the fit of your selection if your measurements are way off the standard size chart shown when you click on the size guide, please order a custom size pantsuit. If you plan on having your pantsuit altered after purchasing a standard size, a custom order is not required.

Custom Orders: If you are making a custom order, you will have 24 hours to cancel the order request. After 24 hours, you will no longer be permitted to cancel the order due to the fact that we've already started making your suit set.