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How To Dress For Casino Night

How To Dress For Casino Night

If you're unable to find out the dress code in advance, a good rule of thumb is to dress in semiformal
attire. This is the standard for most casinos and will be accepted in most areas of the establishment. This
way, you'll likely be accepted whether you're planning to visit the open playing floors or the more
exclusive high roller gaming rooms.
by T Black on September 30, 2022
Learning To Love Your Curves

Learning To Love Your Curves

To begin with, treat yourself and get comfy with your body. Among the best means to begin loving you is to make your body really feel good. Getting a manicure as well as a pedicure regularly or perhaps doing your own nails will always make you really feel well groomed and assembled. If you can, a massage every
 now and then wouldn't harm either.
by T Black on June 20, 2022
Trend Alert - Matching Sets 2023!

Trend Alert - Matching Sets 2023!

When styling matching sets, there isn't that much you have to take into consideration. They’re pretty much designed to be worn as they are, which is what makes them easy to style. Find a pair of chic shoes, a bag that’s contrasting and a pair of sunglasses, and you have a summer look. If you wear a patterned set, try and match the accessories with the colors of the pattern. We also encourage you to go for a chic cap, hat or scarf to make the matching set even more interesting. Add some color or print to make it more dynamic.
by T Black on March 06, 2022
Our Favorite Sweaters Under $50 - Taxes and Shipping Included! - Drestiny

Our Favorite Sweaters Under $50 - Taxes and Shipping Included!

Don't adjust your eyes, fashion people, I really just say that you could get your very own cashmere sweater for under $40 bucks! There is a saying that we are out to prove is plain nonsense, and that saying is that you get what you pay for. This sweater comes in six colors and is originally $64, so now you get way more than you pay for! 
by T Black on December 14, 2021


Just how is it possible that a simple white T-shirt, a natural leather coat and some jeans make a superlative outfit? You are right. 3 extremely simple pieces that somehow match any type of scenario. Include a textured gray sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt when the temperature drops a bit, as well as you are done.

You can still put on the boots in this appearance, denims are likewise the ideal match for your favored tennis shoes.
by T Black on November 01, 2021
What Your Dress Code Says About Your Personality - Drestiny

What Your Dress Code Says About Your Personality

Don’t fit into just one personality style? Well, most of us blend a few different fashion (read: personality) styles to suit the day and the occasion.
What’s fascinating is that our clothing can be a gross reflection into our personality.
by T Black on September 24, 2021



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