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Upon checking 'agree' you are agreeing to the following - Also applies to those using PayPal Express or the 'Buy Now' Button: 

Last Updated 02.09.2023

Scroll Down On Each Product Page To Review Product Descriptions, Sizing Information, Product Reviews, Shipping/Delivery Times & Policies, Return/Refund information & Policies and FAQs. Click each tab to review each subject separately.

1. You have reviewed shipping times for your Country and are fully aware of the delivery timeframes for the product(s) you are ordering. Also, you agree and accept that there is no guarantee your item will be delivered on time and that there will be no refunds if your order is delivered to you past the shipping time frames listed on the product(s) you are ordering. Each product must be checked for shipping times. (You can check the shipping times by clicking on Shipping icon on each product).

2. (a) You agree and confirm that when applicable you have used the Size Guide provided to you in order to select the correct size for the product(s) you are ordering and that you are not selecting a size based on your typical and/or usual sizing/buying habits. Also, you are aware and agree to the fact that if you receive an item, and it does not fit that you are responsible for the shipping costs back to us unless the size chart is incorrect or unless there is a 'Free Return' sticker on the item you are returning (You still have to measure if there is a Free Return sticker and still have to prove that the size guide is incorrect if claiming a return for 'sizing' issues). You are aware that any measurement that is within 1-3 cm off is NOT considered an incorrect measurement. (*In very rare cases, the 'Free Return' sticker is applied to a product in error OR you may not qualify for a free return, depending on the answers provided by you to us on the mandatory return/refund form. Therefore, the decision reached by our return/refund department is VALID and overrides the Free Return sticker on the item or the fact that a product is legitimately part of the Free Return Program.)

(b) You agree that if you claim the size guide is incorrect, that you will be required to provided photo evidence of the item(s) measurements. You agree that in each of the pictures you submit, you must include a photo of the shipping label and a clear photo showing the measurements up close so that they can be reviewed by the Return/Refund department.

(c) You agree that you must make your return claim within 7 days of receipt of your item, with no exceptions. You agree that you will fill out Drestiny's mandatory return/refund form, and if you forfeit doing this, you are automatically ineligible for a refund. You agree that if we send you a Free Return label, you must print and drop off the product(s) to the shipping company listed on the Return Label within 3 days of receiving the Free Return label. Furthermore, you agree we are in no way responsible for arranging to have your item picked up or dropped off.

(d) You agree, PRIOR to check out, that you have reviewed whether the item you are purchasing is or is not part of our Free Return program. If it is not part of our Free Return program, you agree that you are aware that if you need to return any item, that you will be fully responsible for the shipping costs back to our warehouse. 

(e) You agree that you acknowledge and accept the terms of the refund policy that state if an item is marked as 'Delivered' by the shipping company, that we do not provide refunds for such orders under any circumstances. You acknowledge that you will need to contact your local post office to file a claim with them, and that you are ultimately responsible for where your packages are dropped off if you are not at home during the time of delivery. 

(f) You agree that you are fully aware and agree that if you purchase a 'Custom' item (Something that has been fit to your measurements or has been personalized) that are you not entitled to a refund under any circumstances as stated in the refund policy.

(g) You agree that delivery times are estimates provided to us by 3rd party shipping companies, and you agree that you are aware of this, and you are aware and agree that if a delivery is late you are not eligible for a refund until 90 days have passed since you placed your order. Upon 90 days we will launch an investigation and if the item is proved to not be delivered at this time, we may agree to refund the order, but this is up to the refund/return department. You agree that you are aware that it is impossible for us to cancel an order once it's placed. 

(h) You agree that if you are making a claim that an item is not as shown, or it was damaged or there was any error on our part that you will submit photo evidence of this, and you agree that each photo will also contain the shipping label on the package sent to you for confirmation of product authenticity. You agree that if you do not send in any photo evidence, or if the photo evidence does not include the shipping label as required, then your refund request will be automatically denied until such evidence is provided. 

(I) You agree that if you return the item(s) you purchased, a 17% restocking fee will be assessed on all returns and any custom orders that are cancelled. You acknowledge you accept these terms and agree with them.

(j) If you wish to return an item for a refund, you acknowledge and accept that you must complete our return/refund form first. Please email us for the form, or click here to bookmark now!

(k) Custom orders cannot be cancelled past 24 hours after placing the order as we have already started customizing your purchase.

3. You agree that you have reviewed the terms and conditions & the privacy policy and agree to everything stated therein. If you have not yet done so and would like to review this, then you can access it by clicking here for the terms and conditions and here for the privacy policy.

4. That you have reviewed our return/refund policy located here in full as well our shipping policy located here and agree to everything stated therein. 

5. You agree to accept the terms of our chargeback protection plan that protects us against fraudulent chargebacks.