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Trend Alert - Matching Sets 2023!

by T Black on March 06, 2022

A really timeless trend this summer are the matching sets. They come in all kinds of different colors, patterns and styles but have their high level of wearability in common. Matching CO ORD sets in 2023 can be anything from a colorful pantsuit to a cropped top and skirt, to shorts and a blouse – the idea is that the color/pattern/design is the same top to toe.

Outfit sets in 2023 are all about the playful, simple and elegant vibe. As written above, there’s not any specific style that’s more trending than the other. Pantsuits have been popular for quite some time now, especially when done in pastels or earth tones. Wearable pajama sets have also been trendy, as well as a simple skirt & top. I think animal prints and floral prints have been extra trendy, but knitted sets as well as satin sets have also been increasing in popularity. Two piece sets are great for anyone who wants to mix and match accessories and have more go-to outfits in their wardrobe, so they can get ready in no time.

How To Style Them

When styling matching sets, there isn't that much you have to take into consideration. They’re pretty much designed to be worn as they are, which is what makes them easy to style. Find a pair of chic shoes, a bag that’s contrasting and a pair of sunglasses, and you have a summer look. If you wear a patterned set, try and match the accessories with the colors of the pattern. We also encourage you to go for a chic cap, hat or scarf to make the matching set even more interesting. Add some color or print to make it more dynamic.  

Street Style Inspiration

When it comes to street style inspiration, here are some chic look ideas: Try adding in some blue hues to give off that denim vibe, and if you're looking for a higher end streetwear look, try something sporty with a layered jacket. If you want to stay work chic then stick with a matching top and blazer and add a cami or t-shirt that offers a bright bold color. Definitely strong Katie Holmes vibe! White and yellow are an elegant combination while giving you glam and chic all at the same time. If you love to stay casual, then try a crop top and joggers with an oversized jacket. Last but not least, remember that with matching patterns, and cohesive colors, you will always be on the right track. When your look is finished, you'll know it's right if it looks detailed, thorough, and a little abstract.