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How To Dress For Casino Night

by T Black on September 30, 2022

Although online gaming continues to get more popular, there is no denying that land-based casinos are
still the go-to option for a lot of gamers. In fact, by 2023, the global casino industry is expected to be
worth more than $150 billion.

On top of this, places known for their glamorous casino cultures like Las
Vegas, Atlantic City, and British Columbia see a steady number of visitors every year. After all, for many,
going to a glitzy casino is an event in its own right. So, if you plan on going to a casino but aren’t a
regular, then figuring out what to wear can be a daunting task.

Many people still associate casinos with old Hollywood glamour and modern-day opulence that
celebrities embody, even if it’s just for an evening of play. Either way, visiting the casino is still an
occasion to prepare for! Whether you imagine casinos to be full of men dressed in black-tie attire or
ladies in sparkling evening gowns, here is a guide that will teach you the basics of how to dress for
casino night:

Learn The Dress Code

Each casino has its own dress code. Dress codes can vary from more casual to slightly more glamorous
cocktail to super sophisticated black tie. As such, it's recommended that you determine the specific
dress code observed by the casino you'll be heading to.

If you're unable to find out the dress code in advance, a good rule of thumb is to dress in semiformal
attire. This is the standard for most casinos and will be accepted in most areas of the establishment. This
way, you'll likely be accepted whether you're planning to visit the open playing floors or the more
exclusive high roller gaming rooms.

Dress Respectfully

Though it’s common for casino-goers to dress to impress, it’s taboo to be too flashy. To illustrate, in
poker etiquette it’s important not to be disruptive lest you run the risk of distracting or offending others.
As such, it is also important to dress accordingly and avoid anything loud and obnoxious. This means
that clothing that is too brightly colored or overly reflective is better worn off the gaming floor.

The number one rule when dressing for a casino is to dress respectfully. Although characters in films
may follow flashier dress codes for their casino visits, it’s best to don dresses and suits that are
inoffensive and, more importantly, do not detract from the game. Dressing as though you are grabbing
attention can draw focus and result in some ruffled feathers.

Consider How Long You’ll Be There

The last thing you should consider when dressing for casino night is how long you intend to be there.
While dressing for style is important for casino night, it’s also crucial not to neglect comfort. Women
who will be walking around all night may opt for lower and more comfortable heels. Men could also
wear stylish but comfortable shirts that they can layer with a jacket throughout the night.

What you'll be during your time in a casino can also be factored in. Games like blackjack and poker can
take a very long time, so dressing the part is a must, especially when it gets cold. Wearing a leather jacket instead of the usual suit, a jacket will protect you from the cold and keep you comfortable as you
keep playing. The same goes for wraps and scarves for ladies wearing dresses or thinner garments.

Learning how to dress for casino night can be intimidating for some. With this guide, it doesn’t have to
be, and you’ll be strutting your stuff on the casino floor in no time!