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What Your Dress Code Says About Your Personality

by T Black on September 24, 2021

Picking out your clothes every day isn’t necessarily an arbitrary decision – your clothes demonstrate your personality traits to a pretty fascinating degree.

Our clothes define our personal style statement, personality afflictions, our outlook towards life, and our attitude as a whole. Culture transforms with time. The only constant is change.

Here is how people with different personalities tend to differ in their fashion sense:


Commonly called as girly choices, the feminine fashion style boats hearts, florals, lace, ruffles, and pastel colors like pink or lavender. If you have feminine sense of dressing, then you must identify yourself as a hopeless romantic who prefers spending weekend with good rom-com movies or romance novel. You dress like a lady in women’s suit sets and expect to be treated like one. If you’re a girl who loves women's formal dresses & gowns, skirts, gorgeous heels, and overall cutesy fashions, you probably identify with the feminine clothing style.

Personality Traits: Art and beauty enthusiast, serenity, attention to detail



You are wild and free. Imagine the free-spirited soul in the seat of a convertible with her hands up in the air. You are spontaneous and that is reflected in your clothing. You don’t believe in strict fashion rules. The only rules that apply to you are: everything and anything, new and exciting! Edging with lace—you can try it and roll with it. The free-spirited fashion statement comes from a creative gal thinking outside the box. She can throw together items in an outfit that you wouldn’t think go together, but on her…they totally work!

Personality Traits: Carefree, creative, enthusiastic


Do you find yourself wearing gym clothes long after your gym hours? Adore the idea of your soft, spandex leggings hugging your legs all day? Then you definitely count as sporty. You are active and on-the-go and love to rock the sporty style. You love looks that can work for both shopping, and your kid’s soccer practice. Sporty clothing and physical activity – that’s all you need to get by your day!

Personality Traits: Confidence, easy-going, optimistic, focused, leadership.

 Clean and Simple

Do you love classics and have a no-frills approach to both your clothing and your life? All you need to go through your day is a simple fitted t-shirt and a killer pair of jeans. Your style can better be defined as fit and frilly. Some people like to call you a tomboy – but you don’t shy away from keeping things clean and simple. Bright colors are not your forte. You love to go for neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige. No, you can’t be mistaken for dowdy—you are the life of the party and love to be the low-on-drama girl that people flock to.

Personality Traits: Sober, trustworthy, fun.

Don’t fit into just one personality style? Well, most of us blend a few different fashion (read: personality) styles to suit the day and the occasion.
What’s fascinating is that our clothing can be a gross reflection into our personality.

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